Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Davis Luke Parker

Well my best friend Mandy FINALLY had her baby. He was actually born this past sunday but i haven't had a chance to catch up my blog til now. She called me saturday morning and said she thought her water had broke and called the hospital and they said come get checked. So she waited for Dusty to get home and they oh so calmly (and slowly i might add) made there way there and she was indeed in labor so they admitted her. At the same time they had 4 other "active" labors going so they put her in a room to chill for a while till they got those babies delivered. On a side note everyone of those mommas came in that morning b/c their waters had odd! So sometime that afternoon they started pitosin and got her labor progressing which of course brought on the pain of labor too. She was a trooper though and really didnt even want her epidural but they told her that if she passed it up that she might not be given the chance later so she took it against her will. Well long story short she was dilated to a 10 close to midnight and tried pushing and pushing and pushing...did i say pushing? Well no one was in the room for this except the nurse and Dusty (her hubby...who did such and awesome job) so we waited patiently outside the room. Well if you consider standing with one ear pressed to the door and shushing anyone in the hall who made a noise patient then yes we were patiently waiting. Well as it turns out little Davis was coming out chin first and they couldnt get him turned so at 2am she opted for the C-Section. She was so disappointed but there are just some things we have no control over and if one thing is for sure she certainly did all she could! So shortly there after around 2:30am Davis Luke Parker joined us. He weighed 8lb and 2.2oz and 21 in long. They kept telling her that he was gonna be a small baby...they were wrong. He is so beautiful. It just brought back so many memories of Barrett being born, that is the ones i can remember...seems percocet clouded my memory a tad! We are taking them dinner Friday so i will get some better pics then.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Not so Merry Christmas

Well we had an interesting Christmas at our house. This was Barrett's second Christmas however he was just as clueless to what was going on this year as last. This however did not stop me from staying up till 2:30am Christmas Eve to put together his play kitchen. I knew he didnt know what the next day was but i still wanted him to have it b/c i knew he would love it (and he did!) There seems to be a curse at our home on the holidays. First was Barrett's bday (not exactly a holiday but important none the less). At the time we didnt know he had an egg allergy so mom made him cupcakes with soy milk. She was so excited about him being able to have a cupcake well he ate one...then puked everywhere. Then there was Thanksgiving. Todd woke up feeling fine but by lunch time was...puking everywhere. Now Christmas and Barrett again...puked everywhere are you catching the theme here? The first sign something was up was the fact that booger slept til 10:30. Never in my childs life has he slept that late. I told Todd i hope he's not getting sick. The night before he was up late and playing hard at families house so we thought maybe he was just extra tired. Then he woke up and came down for breakfast (i made breakfast for my family this year at my house) but he wouldnt eat. Once again we thought maybe its b/c so many people were here that he was too distracted but that was just wishful thinking. So needless to say I spent Christmas held up im my house with a sick little boy. I figured since Todd missed Thanksgiving i would sit this one out. As I sat there feeling a little sorry for myself that i was alone on Christmas and not to mention starved (i had no food b/c i was planning to eat with family) to my suprise my mom comes in and has brought me dumplings (my fav), turkey, rolls, potatoes and dessert!! I was elated (well after the initial shock of scared to death). That really meant so much to me and it dawned on me that just like i had stayed up all night the night before putting together B's kitchen just b/c i knew it would make him happy, my mom had done the same for me. Our babies are our babies forever no matter how much they grow up.

Monday, December 22, 2008

It is what it is.

Well i think i may have gotten myself kicked out of the family at my in-laws. From speaking rudely to my mother in-law to refusing to hug sick family members i think i single handedly made myself not welcome. I feel terrible for speaking disrespectfully to my mother in law b/c she did not deserve it. I got my feelings hurt and i let my whopping 10 hours of sleep this week get the better of me. Not hugging sick family members i don't feel bad for. Poor booger has been through enough this week i couldn't bear the thought of him catching something else. Now would i have gotten sick from a hug maybe not but i just couldn't take any chances. Not to mention if i'd like to keep my job i really dont need to be out anymore for awhile. Amazingly enough i have missed more days from work b/c of other people being sick (i.e. people that watch Barrett and their kids) than from my kid being sick. Unfortunately sickness is part of this time of year. Granted the temperature going from 60 to 16 every other day doesnt help matters! Todd started his new job last week amungst all the chaos going on. He has to rise in the mornings at 1:30 am!!! thats insane to me but thats his choice not mine. He thinks its crazy for me to go take xrays on bloody, broken, half falling off body parts everyday yet i seem to like it. My car has to go back in the shop tomorrow...seems the lights on the inside wont come on, the outside lights wont go off, the window rattles, something is rolling around under my footboard and the glass is scratched up. This is all after paying $8500 to get it "fixed". But, It is what it is. Well im gonna go relax from my long day and enjoy some me time while my men are fast asleep.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Pneumonia!

Ok its been awhile, unfortunately my little man has pneumonia :( Its started as a cold and settled in for the long haul. I felt terrible b/c the cold started thursday but it was just a runny nose and then by sat it was a dry cough and monday he started running a high fever and wheezing. So an immediate care visit and a chest xray later he's got pneumonia. Never would have thought. He didn't even act like he felt that bad (my mother in law kept him monday and she might disagree!) and he still slept fine so i just thought ear infection was the worst case scenario...i was wrong. He is doing good though he's taking breathing treatments, which he hated at first but once i switched to the mouth piece from the mask it was MUCH easier (less scary for him im assuming). I was gonna go back to work today but the babysitter's little girl has the stomach bug! Im telling ya if its not one thing its another...the joys of motherhood in the wintertime. Ive included some pics and video of booger "helping" me with the household chores today...he's such a hoot. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kids NEVER forget

Im learning one thing as a parent...Kids NEVER forget. For instance Todd thought that it would be fun to push Boogie around in a box...and it was, the first 5 times. However Barrett was not nearly as tired of sitting in the box as Todd was of pushing the box. So we finally pried his little body away from the box and took a bath. The next day while Todd was at work B got up from his nap and there was the box in his closet he proceeded to take it out and bring it to me and jump up and down until i put him in the box...he remembered. Lets just say the box is now in the top of another closet far out of sight. Its so funny how kids get fixated on things and thats all they want. Boogie is the same way with books. shame on me but i have to hide books from him b/c he wants to read them over and over and over and over (im not exagerating). I personally love reading and Im glad he does too but boy you can only read Hippos go Bezeerk so many times! Barrett is now 14 months old and its so neat to see how he is starting to connect things. Just this week he has started standing in the doorway and saying bye bye and waving at you till you look at him then he giggles and shuts the door. You can name a toy and he will go and get it, i just love this phase. My best friend Mandy is having her baby any day now and i am soo jealous. I love that feeling of the not knowing when and whats gonna happen and meeting this new little life and i remember not wanting B to get any bigger. I wanted him to be 7lb 8.3oz the rest of his life. I just wanted to freeze time. Now as much as i miss that i wouldnt trade what i have with him now for anything. I cant wait to watch Mandy go through all the phases with little Davis and reassure her that she will love each new step as much as the first. Thank God for our memories :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Splish Splash

Ah bathtime. Our nightly ritual. I believe this is Boogers favorite part of the day. Todd is the official bath giver. He sweeps booger off to the tub while i clean up after dinner then i join them to get B out of the tub and into his jammies and a thick layer of Aveeno lotion (he has exzema). After that he plays for a few minutes in the bonus room until bedtime. He usually clues us in that he is ready for bed b/c he fades into a zombie like state or lays in the floor and scoots his head across the carpet this all usually takes place at 8 o'clock pm. I truly am lucky b/c Barrett has always kept himself on a schedule. Ive never really had to do much he just always transistioned himself into the next phase with such ease. This makes me VERY scared to have another baby b/c i know i wont get this lucky twice! So we lay him down around 8 and he's down till the next am. We have a video monitor and its fun to watch him as he goes to sleep, sometimes he will be up there for an hour just rolling around, not making any noise just rolling. Makes me wonder how he will ever sleep in a regular bed without rolling right out! He just routes around and body slams his stuffed animals until all energy is gone and then he passes out. Which sounds like a good idea to me, goodnite!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ode to Pearl

Well as many of you know i was in a car wreck on October 24th and have since then been without my car. In its place has been Pearl. Dear sweet Pearl. While eternally grateful to have a vehicle to drive during this time lets just say Pearl was not the desired car of my choice. She (as her name suggests) was an old soul. Even with the pedal to the floor she rev'ed as hard as she could (not to mention as loud too) but she could barely get to 60 mph. My friend Andy called me one morning on my way to work and asked if i was driving a white PT Cruiser and i learily answered Yes, why? and he state i just saw you at a red light and you look ridiculous! Harsh but true. Even more ridiculous was my 6'3 250lb hubby driving little pearl to the great state of KY. His legs were numb the whole time, seeming as how she didn't have cruise control for the 5 hour trip! Well with all this said she has been returned to her rightful home back at the retirement home (aka enterprise rentals) and i am back to not having a car, thanks to my mom i have transportation though. Hopefully my car will be ready early next week...i sure do miss her.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Im a Georgia Voter!

Well today was the big run-off election for the State of Georgia. I was able to go and exercise my right to vote yet again. I just LOVE voting! Maybe im cheesy but I absolutely love it. I don't care if i have to wait in line or not. Its such a privilege. I remember the first time i got to vote. It was the Bush election of 2000. I was stoked. I waited up all night watching the polls. Unfortunately that year i had to do quite a bit of waiting b/c of some voting mishap in Florida! This year the polls didn't lean in my favor but regardless of what i think of our new found prez he is our president none the less and i support him. And i for one am proud to be a part of a country where we have the liberty to vote for whomever we like. We can vote for those that uphold our values or we can simply vote for someone b/c we like their hair (which i don't recommend)! Whatever the reason you vote be glad that you are blessed enough have that choice. So with all that said...Go Saxby!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Time is Coming!

I am officially done with my Christmas shopping!! Ive never been done this early before but it feels nice. I decorated earlier than usual this year too. I wasnt sure what to expect of Barrett with the tree but he is completely oblivious to it. To me a Christmas tree is the most appealing thing in the world, how could you resist touching it? Barrett on the other hand could care less about its existence. Which is a good thing just a little surprising. He does however LOVE his little people manger scene that his Gran got him last year. The donkey has a wagon and he makes all the people ride in the wagon...including sweet baby Jesus laying in the hay lol! Its so sweet. I can't wait till he is old enough to really learn what Christmas is about. Ive been really shocked at the feedback i have gotten about not doing "Santa" with Barrett. It's quite upsetting to some people. What i mean by not "doing Santa" is that we just aren't emphasizing the whole Santa deal. I certainly decorate with Santa and I will have his pic taken with Santa but its just not going to be a big ordeal. Don't get me wrong i in no way judge anyone for doing the Santa deal that is an individual decision; i just dont get why if i choose not to it causes so many people to melt down? Well, im going to go wrap our gifts while Boogie is asleep.
Have a great day!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


well i just put little man to bed. what a day it has been. Its so rainy and dreary outside so B and i held up the fort from inside today. He did remarkably well just playing all by himself while i got lots of things done. I caught up all the laundry and Booger learned to take out the lint trap in the dryer! I addressed all my Christmas cards while B ate a snack and watched a video, i did some online shopping for Christmas while Boogie took a nap and then we vacuumed. He's so funny...he just follows the vacuum wherever it goes and tries to look up under it while its being pushed. He just cant quite figure it out. Tonite as Todd and i were playing with him in the bonus room Barrett started playing with his legos and stacking them up and building some lopsided structure and it hit me...he's never stacked legos before!! Up until now he just destroys whatever creation Todd or i build but tonite he was locking the pieces together (not always in the right spots mind you!). I know this seems so trivial but it seems that each day he discovers something new, its just amazing. Well Todd and i are going to watch Fred Claus so i will catch up later!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Peace and Quiet

ok im finally back. Its the day after thanksgiving and i am enjoying some peace and quite. My hubby (who has recovered from his stomach virus) is at a football game and my precious booger is fast asleep. Yes i call him booger. Much to my mothers disapproval, she prefers i shorten it to Boo. I dont know where the name came from but it just stuck and i cant seem to help but calling him that...and sometimes i just say boogie. Today was a good day, lots of running around and errands to be ran. Somehow i wound up cleaning out closets today. This is something that needed to be done but just not today. There were a million other things i needed to do today but somehow one thing led to another and there i was knee deep in clothes i haven't worn in 2 years and things that booger has outgrown (i.e. carseat, bathtub, clothes, bouncy seat, where are you supposed to store all this stuff???). My friend Sara stopped by in the midst of this (to dig through my clothes i was discarding) and she says that we do things like this b/c we can see an end result, and i have to agree. It was definitely self gratifying to see a project come to a completion. Especially when so often i clean, clean, clean only to see no evidence of my cleaning! This must be part of having a 1 year old. Well im going to enjoy what i have left of my quite time. good nite.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My 1st Blog

Ok i must admit ive always thought blogs to be odd. people journaling their thoughts for others to read and who really cares what i have to say anyways?? Well here i am spilling my own thoughts on paper ...well on a screen. My motivation is my 1 year old son Barrett. I keep saying how i wished i would have starting journaling when i was pregnant so i could remember everything, then it was i wish i would have journaled when he was born so i could remember everything, well now he's just turned 1 and i am not going to say that...Im going to do something about it! No more excuses. I dont have a lot of time at the moment (im on my lunch break) but i will blog back later and get this thing started! I hope everyone has a great day!