Monday, December 22, 2008

It is what it is.

Well i think i may have gotten myself kicked out of the family at my in-laws. From speaking rudely to my mother in-law to refusing to hug sick family members i think i single handedly made myself not welcome. I feel terrible for speaking disrespectfully to my mother in law b/c she did not deserve it. I got my feelings hurt and i let my whopping 10 hours of sleep this week get the better of me. Not hugging sick family members i don't feel bad for. Poor booger has been through enough this week i couldn't bear the thought of him catching something else. Now would i have gotten sick from a hug maybe not but i just couldn't take any chances. Not to mention if i'd like to keep my job i really dont need to be out anymore for awhile. Amazingly enough i have missed more days from work b/c of other people being sick (i.e. people that watch Barrett and their kids) than from my kid being sick. Unfortunately sickness is part of this time of year. Granted the temperature going from 60 to 16 every other day doesnt help matters! Todd started his new job last week amungst all the chaos going on. He has to rise in the mornings at 1:30 am!!! thats insane to me but thats his choice not mine. He thinks its crazy for me to go take xrays on bloody, broken, half falling off body parts everyday yet i seem to like it. My car has to go back in the shop tomorrow...seems the lights on the inside wont come on, the outside lights wont go off, the window rattles, something is rolling around under my footboard and the glass is scratched up. This is all after paying $8500 to get it "fixed". But, It is what it is. Well im gonna go relax from my long day and enjoy some me time while my men are fast asleep.


Valerie said...

Hey Don't feel bad, my MIL of 30 years is upset for the first time at us. She had a stomach virus and I didn't think she would feel like coming to our home for the grandbabies to open their gifts- anyway, evidently she did. Normally she wouldn't come, but for some reason she said she would this time. Oh well, you can't make everyone happy. As far as hugging someone who is sick- don't feel guilty for that. You are a Mama Hen now and your protection mode is on. You can never be too careful! I hope Boo is better!!! I ask about him all the time. Ask your mom when she is inviting me over for quilting lessons????

Jeremy said...

You're the mommy. What you say for Barrett goes and anyone who gets upset will get over it. Some parents barely take care of their kids, so I wouldn't worry about it.