Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kids NEVER forget

Im learning one thing as a parent...Kids NEVER forget. For instance Todd thought that it would be fun to push Boogie around in a box...and it was, the first 5 times. However Barrett was not nearly as tired of sitting in the box as Todd was of pushing the box. So we finally pried his little body away from the box and took a bath. The next day while Todd was at work B got up from his nap and there was the box in his closet he proceeded to take it out and bring it to me and jump up and down until i put him in the box...he remembered. Lets just say the box is now in the top of another closet far out of sight. Its so funny how kids get fixated on things and thats all they want. Boogie is the same way with books. shame on me but i have to hide books from him b/c he wants to read them over and over and over and over (im not exagerating). I personally love reading and Im glad he does too but boy you can only read Hippos go Bezeerk so many times! Barrett is now 14 months old and its so neat to see how he is starting to connect things. Just this week he has started standing in the doorway and saying bye bye and waving at you till you look at him then he giggles and shuts the door. You can name a toy and he will go and get it, i just love this phase. My best friend Mandy is having her baby any day now and i am soo jealous. I love that feeling of the not knowing when and whats gonna happen and meeting this new little life and i remember not wanting B to get any bigger. I wanted him to be 7lb 8.3oz the rest of his life. I just wanted to freeze time. Now as much as i miss that i wouldnt trade what i have with him now for anything. I cant wait to watch Mandy go through all the phases with little Davis and reassure her that she will love each new step as much as the first. Thank God for our memories :)


Jeremy said...

Very cute video. We got your Chirstmas card today. That is an adorable picture of Barrett!

Valerie said...

The video is so cute. Barrett is a little doll. Treasure these moments because you will blink an eye and it will be gone. Thanks for being so sweet to Mandy. And tell your mom that I want quilting lessons!!! (I am serious)!