Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Pneumonia!

Ok its been awhile, unfortunately my little man has pneumonia :( Its started as a cold and settled in for the long haul. I felt terrible b/c the cold started thursday but it was just a runny nose and then by sat it was a dry cough and monday he started running a high fever and wheezing. So an immediate care visit and a chest xray later he's got pneumonia. Never would have thought. He didn't even act like he felt that bad (my mother in law kept him monday and she might disagree!) and he still slept fine so i just thought ear infection was the worst case scenario...i was wrong. He is doing good though he's taking breathing treatments, which he hated at first but once i switched to the mouth piece from the mask it was MUCH easier (less scary for him im assuming). I was gonna go back to work today but the babysitter's little girl has the stomach bug! Im telling ya if its not one thing its another...the joys of motherhood in the wintertime. Ive included some pics and video of booger "helping" me with the household chores today...he's such a hoot. Enjoy!


Jeremy said...

It's all because he left his coat over at our house saturday night. I'm glad he's feeling better and continues to do so!


Valerie said...

I have heard about Boo all his life and now I get to see videos of him. Isn't this something? Thanks for sharing. I hope he gets better soon. I am like you - it looks like he feels good. My husband had phneumonia one time and he kept working and working until it really got to him & he had to slow it down so I am glad you took him to the doctor. It is suppose to be 22 degrees tonight! Can u believe it after all this 60 degree weather?