Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Time is Coming!

I am officially done with my Christmas shopping!! Ive never been done this early before but it feels nice. I decorated earlier than usual this year too. I wasnt sure what to expect of Barrett with the tree but he is completely oblivious to it. To me a Christmas tree is the most appealing thing in the world, how could you resist touching it? Barrett on the other hand could care less about its existence. Which is a good thing just a little surprising. He does however LOVE his little people manger scene that his Gran got him last year. The donkey has a wagon and he makes all the people ride in the wagon...including sweet baby Jesus laying in the hay lol! Its so sweet. I can't wait till he is old enough to really learn what Christmas is about. Ive been really shocked at the feedback i have gotten about not doing "Santa" with Barrett. It's quite upsetting to some people. What i mean by not "doing Santa" is that we just aren't emphasizing the whole Santa deal. I certainly decorate with Santa and I will have his pic taken with Santa but its just not going to be a big ordeal. Don't get me wrong i in no way judge anyone for doing the Santa deal that is an individual decision; i just dont get why if i choose not to it causes so many people to melt down? Well, im going to go wrap our gifts while Boogie is asleep.
Have a great day!

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