Friday, November 28, 2008

Peace and Quiet

ok im finally back. Its the day after thanksgiving and i am enjoying some peace and quite. My hubby (who has recovered from his stomach virus) is at a football game and my precious booger is fast asleep. Yes i call him booger. Much to my mothers disapproval, she prefers i shorten it to Boo. I dont know where the name came from but it just stuck and i cant seem to help but calling him that...and sometimes i just say boogie. Today was a good day, lots of running around and errands to be ran. Somehow i wound up cleaning out closets today. This is something that needed to be done but just not today. There were a million other things i needed to do today but somehow one thing led to another and there i was knee deep in clothes i haven't worn in 2 years and things that booger has outgrown (i.e. carseat, bathtub, clothes, bouncy seat, where are you supposed to store all this stuff???). My friend Sara stopped by in the midst of this (to dig through my clothes i was discarding) and she says that we do things like this b/c we can see an end result, and i have to agree. It was definitely self gratifying to see a project come to a completion. Especially when so often i clean, clean, clean only to see no evidence of my cleaning! This must be part of having a 1 year old. Well im going to enjoy what i have left of my quite time. good nite.

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