Saturday, November 29, 2008


well i just put little man to bed. what a day it has been. Its so rainy and dreary outside so B and i held up the fort from inside today. He did remarkably well just playing all by himself while i got lots of things done. I caught up all the laundry and Booger learned to take out the lint trap in the dryer! I addressed all my Christmas cards while B ate a snack and watched a video, i did some online shopping for Christmas while Boogie took a nap and then we vacuumed. He's so funny...he just follows the vacuum wherever it goes and tries to look up under it while its being pushed. He just cant quite figure it out. Tonite as Todd and i were playing with him in the bonus room Barrett started playing with his legos and stacking them up and building some lopsided structure and it hit me...he's never stacked legos before!! Up until now he just destroys whatever creation Todd or i build but tonite he was locking the pieces together (not always in the right spots mind you!). I know this seems so trivial but it seems that each day he discovers something new, its just amazing. Well Todd and i are going to watch Fred Claus so i will catch up later!

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