Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ode to Pearl

Well as many of you know i was in a car wreck on October 24th and have since then been without my car. In its place has been Pearl. Dear sweet Pearl. While eternally grateful to have a vehicle to drive during this time lets just say Pearl was not the desired car of my choice. She (as her name suggests) was an old soul. Even with the pedal to the floor she rev'ed as hard as she could (not to mention as loud too) but she could barely get to 60 mph. My friend Andy called me one morning on my way to work and asked if i was driving a white PT Cruiser and i learily answered Yes, why? and he state i just saw you at a red light and you look ridiculous! Harsh but true. Even more ridiculous was my 6'3 250lb hubby driving little pearl to the great state of KY. His legs were numb the whole time, seeming as how she didn't have cruise control for the 5 hour trip! Well with all this said she has been returned to her rightful home back at the retirement home (aka enterprise rentals) and i am back to not having a car, thanks to my mom i have transportation though. Hopefully my car will be ready early next week...i sure do miss her.

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