Monday, March 21, 2011

3 week Results!!

Ok so today was the 2nd fitness test. You do it every 2 weeks to track your progress. If you recall Todd wouldnt let us do the fit test on the first day but i did mine a week these "improvements" are over a weeks time and not 2 weeks time. So i would think i probably did even better than it looks.
Exercise week 1 week 3

side kicks 75 88

Power jacks 35 43

Power Kick 63 70

Power jump 27 28

globe jump 7.5 9

suicide drill 9 11
Push up jack 16 22

olbiq push up 34 50

Over all i am pretty please with my results especially considering it was really just a weeks improvements!! I am feeling pretty good, my ankles are really this normal? I feel like they are gonna give out on me anytime. How do you know when its your body saying you need a break verses you just needing to push through? Im going to post a pic...i havent really compared to see if there are any physical improvements but i dont notice any when i look in the mirror so im doubting it. Oh and i had just took a shower b/c i forgot to take it before so excuse the wet hair lol. And for the record i have no intention of skewing results or anything b/c i have nothing to prove here, im just as curious as anyone else to see if this will really work! By the Way Todd is doing great!! Several people have asked if he's lost weight and i can tell a difference in him too :) Im so proud of him!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

H2O, Aqua, call it what you want but I NEED it.

If you know anything about me you know i DESPISE drinking water. However, you cant do these workouts and NOT drink it. Im begging for it! Ive never worked out like this before its a new experience for me. I guess this would be a good point to talk about the "diet" of insanity. There isnt one!!!! yay!! lol. He says this is NOT the time to go on a diet. He obviously promotes you eating healthy and in appropriate portions. They have protein shakes you can purchase...i think its called shakeology? and they also promote a recovery drink of some kind that is supposed to recharge your muscles. We havent got either one at this point. I for one can't stomach protein shakes...not sure if Todd will go for those or not. In case he does leave me a comment and let me know which ones you like or dont like!

Now ive gotten a lot of "concern" from people about WHY on earth i would be working out. So let me set the record straight. I have no intention of trying to loose weight. However i do need to be getting some cardio and exercising my heart regardless of how skinny i am. Also Todd is wanting to get in shape and be healthier and i really want to support him and do this with him. So here is where i need some help (lisa lol). What adjustments do i need to make to my diet to make sure i dont loose any weight? Obviously i need to eat more but i want to eat more of the right things...and protein shakes are NOT an option.

Well today concluded day 8. I have to say if it werent for Todd i would have quit by now.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

White Girl Can Jump!

Ok so its day 3. We had to take last night as our off day due to church so its really our 2nd workout. This one had new "moves" and to me they were more difficult. It could be my severe dyslexia when it comes to following moves inverted on t.v. or just that im not very athletic. Most likely a good combo of the both!

After our first workout i woke up the next day slightly sore but nothing terrible. Why do i feel like if im not unable to walk the next day then i didnt get a good workout? Is there any truth to that? Or is it better to just feel the burn and know you didnt something different to your body? Lisa Roser if your reading im sure you will know!

I had to take a lot of breaks tonite not b/c of exhaustion but so i could study them doing the moves for a minute and figure out exactly what i was supposed to be doing. Luckily they repeat the same series of moves over and over so if i didnt get it the first time by about the 3rd i had figured out how to do it or at least a version that i was capable of doing lol.

Todd is a champ...he barely breaks at all and really pushes through. He has given up cokes during this and only wants water or sweet tea (but he only wants me to use 1cup of sugar....why bother??). He refuses to be photographed during the blogging of this venture so for now you'll have to endure hysterical shots of me :)

p.s. when i said i dont own any shorts..i really dont. Im wearing a pair of Todds boxers in this particular workout lol...when i was pregnant i sold off my entire wardrobe for $1 a piece and donated what was left...maybe i can go to the goodwill and buy some of it back??

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Insanity Challenge Day 1

Have you ever worked out so hard your teeth were numb? Im not teeth were tingly and numb after our workout today! We got the videos in the mail today (only paid $55 verses $160...if you'd like to purchase them at that price i can hook you up) So, Todd being the "man" that he is didnt want to waste time watching the intro video (aka the directions) so we jumped right into the 1st video. Now the 1st challenge was what to do with Barrett. Last night he got karate chopped by todd on accident b/c he ran right in front of him. So Blaire was napping & we let Boo watch a movie in our bedroom (which is a treat) so that kept his attention and allowed us to workout uninterrupted.

I have the feeling that the intro video had some valuable information like what it means when he says its time for the butt kick or the ski jump...but we figured it out anyways lol. We also didnt get a chance to do measurements and weights (we dont even own a scale). We will do that tomorrow. Todd nor i have worked out in about 10 years (yes since we met lol). Todays workout was grueling! I had to take SEVERAL breaks and adjust some of the moves to something i could handle. None of the moves were too difficult i'm just THAT out of shape!

Overall i definitely think this is something we will stick to...its nice to be able to do it on our own time and @ home. We were able to do the workout in our small living room (we moved out the coffee table) with ease. I definitely think we will be sore tomorrow. Im excited though! Ill post more about the meal plans etc in future posts. And as a good sport im posting a pic of how i looked & felt AFTER the says it all! lol

Monday, March 7, 2011


Ok guys. Im starting my blog back up for accountability. Todd and i have decided to get in shape (please laugh to yourself). We got sucked into an infommercial for INSANITY workouts. Its similar to P90X except this one requires no equipment...just a willing body :) Now i myself have NEVER kept to a workout routine...ever. But Todd and i are going to be doing this together and hopefully with the help of this blog and people "watching" us it will keep us motivated. We will be taking before & after pics and posting stats (weight etc.). We need as many people as possible following this blog so that we know people are keeping us accountable to doing this.

The series cost $160 but if you know anything about me you know i didnt pay that :) I checked ebay but couldnt find it any less than $120 so i checked craigslist. I found a set locally unopened in the box for $55!!! What a deal!! I havent got it in my posession yet but should have it by the end of the week. If anyone has done this program before please leave some feedback and let us know how you liked it or didnt like it!!