Sunday, December 7, 2008

Splish Splash

Ah bathtime. Our nightly ritual. I believe this is Boogers favorite part of the day. Todd is the official bath giver. He sweeps booger off to the tub while i clean up after dinner then i join them to get B out of the tub and into his jammies and a thick layer of Aveeno lotion (he has exzema). After that he plays for a few minutes in the bonus room until bedtime. He usually clues us in that he is ready for bed b/c he fades into a zombie like state or lays in the floor and scoots his head across the carpet this all usually takes place at 8 o'clock pm. I truly am lucky b/c Barrett has always kept himself on a schedule. Ive never really had to do much he just always transistioned himself into the next phase with such ease. This makes me VERY scared to have another baby b/c i know i wont get this lucky twice! So we lay him down around 8 and he's down till the next am. We have a video monitor and its fun to watch him as he goes to sleep, sometimes he will be up there for an hour just rolling around, not making any noise just rolling. Makes me wonder how he will ever sleep in a regular bed without rolling right out! He just routes around and body slams his stuffed animals until all energy is gone and then he passes out. Which sounds like a good idea to me, goodnite!

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