Friday, December 26, 2008

Not so Merry Christmas

Well we had an interesting Christmas at our house. This was Barrett's second Christmas however he was just as clueless to what was going on this year as last. This however did not stop me from staying up till 2:30am Christmas Eve to put together his play kitchen. I knew he didnt know what the next day was but i still wanted him to have it b/c i knew he would love it (and he did!) There seems to be a curse at our home on the holidays. First was Barrett's bday (not exactly a holiday but important none the less). At the time we didnt know he had an egg allergy so mom made him cupcakes with soy milk. She was so excited about him being able to have a cupcake well he ate one...then puked everywhere. Then there was Thanksgiving. Todd woke up feeling fine but by lunch time was...puking everywhere. Now Christmas and Barrett again...puked everywhere are you catching the theme here? The first sign something was up was the fact that booger slept til 10:30. Never in my childs life has he slept that late. I told Todd i hope he's not getting sick. The night before he was up late and playing hard at families house so we thought maybe he was just extra tired. Then he woke up and came down for breakfast (i made breakfast for my family this year at my house) but he wouldnt eat. Once again we thought maybe its b/c so many people were here that he was too distracted but that was just wishful thinking. So needless to say I spent Christmas held up im my house with a sick little boy. I figured since Todd missed Thanksgiving i would sit this one out. As I sat there feeling a little sorry for myself that i was alone on Christmas and not to mention starved (i had no food b/c i was planning to eat with family) to my suprise my mom comes in and has brought me dumplings (my fav), turkey, rolls, potatoes and dessert!! I was elated (well after the initial shock of scared to death). That really meant so much to me and it dawned on me that just like i had stayed up all night the night before putting together B's kitchen just b/c i knew it would make him happy, my mom had done the same for me. Our babies are our babies forever no matter how much they grow up.


Jeremy said...

Good pictures and a good story to end. I hope he's continuing to feel better.

Valerie said...

I am so glad you all are better. Moms are the best aren't they? You are right, no matter how old our babies are they are still our babies. Your mom sound like someone I would love ( & for sure learn from). I really enjoyed spending the night at the hospital with you while Mandy was in labor. You are a great friend and Mandy &
Dusty are blessed to know you & Todd. I am also honored to know you. Love you, Val