Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Davis Luke Parker

Well my best friend Mandy FINALLY had her baby. He was actually born this past sunday but i haven't had a chance to catch up my blog til now. She called me saturday morning and said she thought her water had broke and called the hospital and they said come get checked. So she waited for Dusty to get home and they oh so calmly (and slowly i might add) made there way there and she was indeed in labor so they admitted her. At the same time they had 4 other "active" labors going so they put her in a room to chill for a while till they got those babies delivered. On a side note everyone of those mommas came in that morning b/c their waters had odd! So sometime that afternoon they started pitosin and got her labor progressing which of course brought on the pain of labor too. She was a trooper though and really didnt even want her epidural but they told her that if she passed it up that she might not be given the chance later so she took it against her will. Well long story short she was dilated to a 10 close to midnight and tried pushing and pushing and pushing...did i say pushing? Well no one was in the room for this except the nurse and Dusty (her hubby...who did such and awesome job) so we waited patiently outside the room. Well if you consider standing with one ear pressed to the door and shushing anyone in the hall who made a noise patient then yes we were patiently waiting. Well as it turns out little Davis was coming out chin first and they couldnt get him turned so at 2am she opted for the C-Section. She was so disappointed but there are just some things we have no control over and if one thing is for sure she certainly did all she could! So shortly there after around 2:30am Davis Luke Parker joined us. He weighed 8lb and 2.2oz and 21 in long. They kept telling her that he was gonna be a small baby...they were wrong. He is so beautiful. It just brought back so many memories of Barrett being born, that is the ones i can remember...seems percocet clouded my memory a tad! We are taking them dinner Friday so i will get some better pics then.


Valerie said...

Behki, You are an angel. Thank you for all of your help. You are a great friend. I will make you a cd of all of the picture I took at the hospital soon. Mandy & Dusty & Baby Davis are blessed to have you all as friends. Now you only have 1 thing to do for your mom into teaching me to quilt!!!!!

Drena said...

My mom talks about Mandy all the time. They know her from the bank. Glad she now has her baby and all is well. :)

KrisinTN said...

I came to your blog via Valerie's. She is one of my closest friends. I love the story you told of Mandy's labor. I am proud that baby & Mom are both doing great!