Thursday, November 20, 2008

My 1st Blog

Ok i must admit ive always thought blogs to be odd. people journaling their thoughts for others to read and who really cares what i have to say anyways?? Well here i am spilling my own thoughts on paper ...well on a screen. My motivation is my 1 year old son Barrett. I keep saying how i wished i would have starting journaling when i was pregnant so i could remember everything, then it was i wish i would have journaled when he was born so i could remember everything, well now he's just turned 1 and i am not going to say that...Im going to do something about it! No more excuses. I dont have a lot of time at the moment (im on my lunch break) but i will blog back later and get this thing started! I hope everyone has a great day!

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Valerie said...

You will be glad that you have done this. A little advice...Print off each posts that you do and keep in a notebook with page protectors. I have meant to do this on mine and never have and I have done a lot of post. Your son is precious. I enjoyed my visit with you and will be back.