Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 here we come!

2009. Its amazing to think what all is in store for this next year! There will be excitement, dissapointment, joy, new lives born, some lives lost. Life in general is amazing. I am so grateful to have a loving God that no matter what is ahead this year I can rest assured knowing he has my best interest in mind and loves me unconditionally. 2008 was quite a year in itself. My baby boy grew and changed SOO much i can hardly think back to a year ago when he was so little and dependent. My how that has changed! He learned to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk, grew teeth, grew his first head of hair, got his first sickness, went to the pool, started solid foods and table food, spoke his first words...i could go on and on. Also this past year our family grew as my brother Gabe had his first baby, Cate and my other brother Ben announced they were having twins! Addison and Aaden also our unofficial addition to the family Davis Parker.(see photo)
We also lost a friend this year Tanya Timms. Its such a comfort when you loose someone when you know that they were Christians and you know that they are truly home. So onward to 2009. Barrett started the year off right today by feeding himself a full meal with a fork!!! i know that sounds small but thats a big feat for a little man who would rather inhale food by the fist full!!! I wish everyone the best of luck in2009!!


MsKathy said...

...and holding his fork in his LEFT hand!

Valerie said...

How sweet my baby and your baby! I really enjoyed getting to see you the other day. Your little one is a darling. He is so cute. Hopefully we will see each other a lot more but if not, we can keep in contact through our blogs. Now if we can just get your mom to do one. MOM if you are reading this--you could teach me to quilt through your blog. PLEASE!