Wednesday, January 21, 2009


ok ive been told its time for a new post so here i am. Our life has been a little hectic the last few days. Of course its my own fault b/c i decided out of the blue that my house needed repainting. First off is my master bedroom. The painter called late last nite and said he would start today so we had to move furniture...who would have known the nastiness that layed under that furniture so i had to last minute clean baseboards and the floors. Well the new paint looks great...bad news is that the newly painted walls now reflect the needed to be badly painted ceilings. Also, it turns out my new paint color does not go with any of the current decor. So this leaves me with the next project...redecorating the master bedroom. Gotta love a project! It appears i thrive on projects. Let me recap the last 4 years: engagement, wedding planning, moving Todd in, selling townhouse, building a house, getting a dog, moving into a house, getting another dog, getting pregnant (gotta love that project!) getting rid of the dogs, planning for baby, taking care of newborn, going back to work, planning 1st bday party, and here we are feeling the need to have a project. Hey i figure this will keep me occupied for a while and keep me from getting bored and thinking i need another baby! Booger has been soo funny lately. He is gabbering NON STOP. i cant really say talking b/c there are no audible words coming from his mouth. He mainly calls his Gran on the phone and she is a good sport and talks back to him while he blabbers. He just loves when there is a voice on the other line. Ill try and get it on film one day...its precious. He has been taking golf lessons from his daddy, i filmed his first one and will post it.


Valerie said...

This is so sweet! I love the video of him golfing. I loved the way he ran to get the ball and backed up to his dad ready to go again. Sounds like you have been a busy bee. Hope you are all doing well.

Valerie said...

O.K. Behki- need to see some more posts. I miss you.