Sunday, January 11, 2009

Date Nite

Thanks to my wonderful parents Todd and I now get one saturday a month for Date Nite!! So last night was our first one. Dont get me wrong we have gone out without Barrett many times (even for a night away!) but this is something that we are officially starting. We dropped boogie off and headed to Dalton to eat at Logans (yes i had a coupon, as we all know i rarely go out of town to eat without a coupon). Well we were seated right next to a family with 2 small children. So much for a nite without kids! I must say though those kids were VERY well behaved so it wasnt so bad. The whole time i kept watching the little girl and mentally comparing all the things she did with how Barrett did them. We ordered our food and ate. Todd kept reminding me that we didnt have a kid so we could take our time and to just slow down. Well i cant seem to eat slow anymore. I inhale my plate at lightening force speed. I need to work on this. Then we went to the mall and that mall in Dalton is pretty pitiful. It smelt terrible and all the shelves of every store was just about bare. Needless to say we didnt find anything (we just went to return something to Belk) so we headed home. Im thinking next time date nite might need to juiced up a little. Maybe we'll splurge on a prime-time movie ticket!! lol. I guess the exciting days are over, not that i ever was one to do anything to excitinging in the first place. Now our excitement is what BArrett is gonna do next. For instance today we stopped by my dads store and he has a ceramic dog and B always pets it and we say "doggie" well Barrett finally said it this time however it sounded more like "doogie" but its a start! When we picked Boo up at momma's he was fast alseep (its was 8:30pm) in his play pin hugging my duckey from when i was little that my mom got me one Easter. It was the sweetest sight ever. Ive included the pics , they were taken with a camera phone so they arent the best quality. Well goodbye till next time.

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Valerie said...

You need to try to keep this date night. When we used to get one which was not very often, we would go bowling with our friends- it was lots of fun. We still do that every once in a while. Those pics are beautiful. They are priceless actually. We are actually going on a date weekend tomorrow to Gatlinburg. I am excited. Take care of that baby of yours. He is precious.