Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ok its been over a year since i last posted. Sad i know. What a year it has been. Barrett turned two...spent 3 days in PICU for an asthma attack...Todd and i celebrated our 4th year of marriage as well as the news that we are having baby #2!! We now know that our baby is a girl...Blaire Evelyn Fuller. She is due May 9th (Mothers Day) but she will be arriving on May 4th (my dads bday) by csection. I debated VBAC vs C-Section and prayed A LOT about it and im at peace with doing the csection.

Arrival of baby #2 is much different than #1. With Barrett i was SO ready for him to get here. I knew my life was gonna change forever but i welcomed it. This time im not so prepared for the change that is headed my way. Dont get me wrong i cant wait to meet miss Blaire and hold her and nurse her and see Barrett with just not ready for all the changes that are gonna take place. Its just more complicated this time. Barrett still doesnt really get whats going on and so i wonder how he's gonna take everything...not to mention the recovery of a csection with a 2 year old (a 45lb 2 yr old at that!). I know it will all work out but im in no rush this time...the next 4 weeks can take their time getting here...which of course means they will fly by!

I have 2 more weeks of work then im taking a week vaca to spend with Barrett before the baby comes. Ive been feeling pretty good. The swelling is starting and all the other uncomfortable parts of being 35 weeks pregnant but over all i cant complain. Im looking forward to my 13 weeks off work and seeing what God has in store for our little family!!!

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