Thursday, March 10, 2011

White Girl Can Jump!

Ok so its day 3. We had to take last night as our off day due to church so its really our 2nd workout. This one had new "moves" and to me they were more difficult. It could be my severe dyslexia when it comes to following moves inverted on t.v. or just that im not very athletic. Most likely a good combo of the both!

After our first workout i woke up the next day slightly sore but nothing terrible. Why do i feel like if im not unable to walk the next day then i didnt get a good workout? Is there any truth to that? Or is it better to just feel the burn and know you didnt something different to your body? Lisa Roser if your reading im sure you will know!

I had to take a lot of breaks tonite not b/c of exhaustion but so i could study them doing the moves for a minute and figure out exactly what i was supposed to be doing. Luckily they repeat the same series of moves over and over so if i didnt get it the first time by about the 3rd i had figured out how to do it or at least a version that i was capable of doing lol.

Todd is a champ...he barely breaks at all and really pushes through. He has given up cokes during this and only wants water or sweet tea (but he only wants me to use 1cup of sugar....why bother??). He refuses to be photographed during the blogging of this venture so for now you'll have to endure hysterical shots of me :)

p.s. when i said i dont own any shorts..i really dont. Im wearing a pair of Todds boxers in this particular workout lol...when i was pregnant i sold off my entire wardrobe for $1 a piece and donated what was left...maybe i can go to the goodwill and buy some of it back??

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Lisa said...

Hey your form looks good! And you're right, if you can't move the next day you've really done too much and/or didn't stretch well enough. It's ok to feel some soreness :) I'm sure it won't take you long to get through the 'learning curve'! Great job!!