Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Insanity Challenge Day 1

Have you ever worked out so hard your teeth were numb? Im not joking...my teeth were tingly and numb after our workout today! We got the videos in the mail today (only paid $55 verses $160...if you'd like to purchase them at that price i can hook you up) So, Todd being the "man" that he is didnt want to waste time watching the intro video (aka the directions) so we jumped right into the 1st video. Now the 1st challenge was what to do with Barrett. Last night he got karate chopped by todd on accident b/c he ran right in front of him. So Blaire was napping & we let Boo watch a movie in our bedroom (which is a treat) so that kept his attention and allowed us to workout uninterrupted.

I have the feeling that the intro video had some valuable information like what it means when he says its time for the butt kick or the ski jump...but we figured it out anyways lol. We also didnt get a chance to do measurements and weights (we dont even own a scale). We will do that tomorrow. Todd nor i have worked out in about 10 years (yes since we met lol). Todays workout was grueling! I had to take SEVERAL breaks and adjust some of the moves to something i could handle. None of the moves were too difficult i'm just THAT out of shape!

Overall i definitely think this is something we will stick to...its nice to be able to do it on our own time and @ home. We were able to do the workout in our small living room (we moved out the coffee table) with ease. I definitely think we will be sore tomorrow. Im excited though! Ill post more about the meal plans etc in future posts. And as a good sport im posting a pic of how i looked & felt AFTER the workout...it says it all! lol


AussieMum said...

LOL at your picture, I love it! Can you hook me up with the info? I need something I can do that will kick my butt back into shape, at home while kids are sleeping!

Anonymous said...

You worked out so hard you lost one of your pant legs! tee hee! You go guys! You're an inspiration!!!

Kristin H

Behki said...

girl thats the truth! i dont own any shorts and i thought light pants would be ok...uh no. i tried making them shorts about 1/3 of the way in but it didnt work so much lol

Lisa said...

Day 2? :-))

Mrs.H said...

I'd also love to get it at the same price!!!! Mrs.hacker1@yahoo.com