Monday, March 21, 2011

3 week Results!!

Ok so today was the 2nd fitness test. You do it every 2 weeks to track your progress. If you recall Todd wouldnt let us do the fit test on the first day but i did mine a week these "improvements" are over a weeks time and not 2 weeks time. So i would think i probably did even better than it looks.
Exercise week 1 week 3

side kicks 75 88

Power jacks 35 43

Power Kick 63 70

Power jump 27 28

globe jump 7.5 9

suicide drill 9 11
Push up jack 16 22

olbiq push up 34 50

Over all i am pretty please with my results especially considering it was really just a weeks improvements!! I am feeling pretty good, my ankles are really this normal? I feel like they are gonna give out on me anytime. How do you know when its your body saying you need a break verses you just needing to push through? Im going to post a pic...i havent really compared to see if there are any physical improvements but i dont notice any when i look in the mirror so im doubting it. Oh and i had just took a shower b/c i forgot to take it before so excuse the wet hair lol. And for the record i have no intention of skewing results or anything b/c i have nothing to prove here, im just as curious as anyone else to see if this will really work! By the Way Todd is doing great!! Several people have asked if he's lost weight and i can tell a difference in him too :) Im so proud of him!!


Lisa said...

Wow, those are some really good results, especially for 1 week! I can see some physical differences around your shoulder/upper chest. There's a bit more definition there. As far as when to push through, I've heard that if your pain is at a joint, don't push it. If it's muscular, you're prob ok to push through. Too much pain (vs just plain muscle exhaustion) can be a sign of injury tho-so listen to your body! If you hurt yourself, I know some good ortho docs, lol!!

Behki said...

lisa im actually gonna come see DR riddle tomorrow lol, i just want to make sure b/c its not muscle its more like ligaments or something...feel like a rubber band ready to snap and i dont want to snap!

LisaBean said...

How did your appt go?

Mrs.H said...

Congrats. 3 weeks and I can see the change!!!